A Brief History of Palo Mayombe

We know you’ve probably been curious about the Palo Malombe for several days now. Is it a religion? What are they all about? Why should you think about joining them? We are here to demystify the great group. Here’s a little bit you should know about the beautiful and powerful group.

What is Palo Mayombe?

Palo Mayombe, also known as, Las Reglas De Congo, is a religion that has its first histories in Congo. It is believed to have originated from there and grown to become one of the most powerful religions of the world.

The Origin

Palo Mayombe religion according to the history books originated from some of the deepest parts of Africa. In fact, in the most specific terms, it originated from the basins of Congo and from there spread through Slave trade into Europe and Latin America. This happened when some of Congo’s citizens were transported to Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Why “Palo”

The name Palo originated from Spanish America which means a pole, a stick, or timber. It was chosen to depict the belief of the sacredness of sticks. These objects, particularly trees and natural symbolic elements are believed hold so much magical powers beyond the physical. Most of their instruments are percussive. Palo Mayombe symbols of music include wooden drums- the conga, the guaguá, and the catá.

The 1500s- The Spanish Slave Trades

 Most of the slave trade happened in the middle of the 1500s. It was during that time that the magic of the Congolese religion strolled beyond the borders and into the Spanish regions and other parts of the world. It began then to take different forms and earned its reputation as just a religion from some tiny corner of the world to become one of the world’s most powerful and feared form of magical expressive worship.

What happened in Cuba and Puerto Rico?

The Mexicans and the Brazilians took on a liking for the religion and it bloomed from something just practiced by the slaves from Congo to something recognized by others within the region.

How Palo Mayombe revolved in Europe

Palo Mayombe, from Congo, like Santeria, from Nigeria, took on a very dynamic turn in Europe. It put together a string of influences and combined some of the already existing principles of Latin American religiosities with the indigenous Congo idiosyncrasies.

Where is Palo Mayombe practiced now?

Palo Mayombe is now largely practiced in a number of regions of the world.

This region includes:

  • Havana
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • Columbia
  • Dominican Republic
  • The United States

Hundreds of people are initiated into the practice every day, and soon you might as well be one of them. It is one of the most wonderful experiences to become part of something so grand, so powerful.

As the history continues to revolve and floats in different directions, you stand a chance to flow with it. Who knows, you might find yourself within the assurance and certainty that is peculiar with those who push to become a part of the religion.