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Is Palo Mayombe For You? 9 Reasons Why You Should Get Initiated

Palo is a religion that is practiced secretly, and there are no official places of worship, and there is no official count of the number of followers currently.

When you look at the history of Palo Mayombe, it traces back to the year 1500 and originates in the Congo Basin.

It set its roots in Cuba when the central African slaves were transported to Cuba. Palo Mayombe is considered to be one of the most powerful religion and as some form of black magic.

People who practice this religion are called Paleros. In Palo Mayombe, darkness is used as the main tool to achieve their goals and has its own set of rules and regulations.

11 Facts You Should Know About Palo Mayombe

Get the facts straight and discover Palo Mayombe


  • You are able to transform your life in the way you want it to be.
  • You are able to attract money, health, love, and happiness.
  • You are able to discover the truth, secrets, and knowledge for the spirits.
  • You are able to communicate with your ancestors, spirits of the dead, and powerful holy spirits.
  • You are able to leverage the powers of spiritual healing.
  • You are able to ascend spiritually and feel a close relationship to God and the spirits.

  • You are able to remove, curse, and punish your enemies when they have mistreated you.
  • You are able to take control over your life and stop your life from controlling you.
  • You are able to live a more fulfilled life as you are protected and guided by the spirits.


  • You need to follow the rules and guidelines of the Palo Mayombe traditions.
  • You need to be truthful to the spirits and respect them at all times.
  • You need to show a lot of discipline and loyalty.
  • You need to be ready to sacrifice time, money, and energy.


Palo Mayombe is the strongest black magic and that is why it gets so often misunderstood by non-initiates.

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Simple Guide To The Traditions Of Palo Mayombe

Even though there are various religions and sects in Africa, one thing is common in all of them. Every religion has only a singular god which is being served by spirits and lesser deities.

These spirits act as the bridge between the god and the humans. In Palo Mayombe, “Mpungo” is the spirit that every follower of Palo deals with every day.

Along with this common understanding of God, most of the religious activities are the same, including drumming, dancing, singing etc.

But every religion has their own understanding of various aspects including initiation, the soil, life after death etc.

Paleros (people who practice Palo Mayombe) often seen using cigars to enter a state of trance in order to communicate with the spirits. 

Palo Mayombe Nganga

Some use machetes, fabric pots, sticks, beaded necklaces, chains and other objects for communication.

But most of the time, you can see vessels and pots used during the communication. While there is a general misconception that these vessels themselves are sacred.

The pots themselves are not considered to be sacred, but they rather contain the spiritual forces within which is making them sacred.

But no Palo ritual is performed without rum, bones and candles. There is also an iron cauldron filled with dirt and sticks in various sizes present during the ritual.

Paleros don’t believe in death as they think death is only a phase in a continuous cycle, and people will exist in some form of spirit after they die. And that is the reason that Paleros collect the bones of the dead, as they believe that they are essence of the soul and use them in their rituals to communicate with them. The souls which Paleros are in touch with are their ancestral spirits.

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Improve Your Life With Palo Mayombe Rituals

The Palo religion mainly centers around two important concepts:

  • Spirit Worship
  • Belief in natural and earthly powers

Palo means stick in Spanish, and that is the reason you can see a lot of earthly and natural items in the Palo Mayombe tradition. 

Earthly things like knives or firearms assist the Palero station these spirits and form protection against enemies.

Palo Mayombe is nearly always connected to Santeria. And ritual dancing and music are essential for both.

Considering that Congolese slaves were attracted to the Caribbean considerably sooner compared to the Yoruba, it is more difficult to follow their songs and culture back into Africa.

Palo Mayombe Nkisi

To put it differently, Palo Mayombe’s African roots are somewhat darker and more mysterious.

In Palo Mayombe, rituals often performed using a religious vessel or pot called the “la Nganga” or a statue or puppet called “Nkisi”.

And there are separate vessels or ngangas dedicated every spirit or mpungu in Palo. And it is believed that these ngangas are possessed by the spirits of the ancestors of the Palero performing the ritual.

And these ancestors helps in communicating with the Mpungos. Palo rituals like other Santeria rituals are performed with people wearing colourful or white clothes, singing, dancing and drumming. 

Drums are the most used musical instruments in Palo, whereas cowbells and hoes are also used. In Palo Monte, various methods are used during the rituals including using coconut shells, animal horns, etc..

In the religion of Palo Monte Mayombe, there is no central authority to govern as the most experienced Palero is considered as the priest and performs all the initiations and rituals.

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5 Spirit Types Every Palero Should Know

When it comes to contacting the spirits, there is no better way than contacting the spirits directly. Like shamanism, Paleros believe strongly about the existence of the dead.

In Palo Mayombe, faith is considered to  be having faith in spirits and ghosts and harness their powers in a natural way to achieve your goals in a good way. In Palo Mayombe, the supernatural powers are largely categorized into:

  • Nkuyo (Spirits)
  • Ndoki (Ghosts)
  • Kilombo (Ghosts that are forced)
  • Nfumbe (Ghosts harnessed)
  • Mpungo ( Angels)
Palo Mayombe Monte

Nkuyo (Spirits)

Spirits in Palo Mayombe is considered to be the afterlife of human beings. And it is believed that these spirits guide us in all our activities. Many times people will tell that some unknown person helped them.

Those are actually our guiding spirits that keep a watch over us. They may be our ancestors, friends, relatives who passed away long time back and came back as spirits to watch us.

Ndoki (Ghosts)

While spirits are considered to be a positive force, ghosts are treated as the negative force. In Palo Monte, ghosts are the ones who died under tragic circumstances either in accidents, suicides, murders etc.

They never had the chance to  admit that they died and still think they are alive and wander around. Some ghosts are strong and powerful and even hurt you in a physical manner as you see in some Hollywood ghost movies.

Kilumbo (Forced Ghosts)

These ghosts are of the most dangerous behaviour, and people using black magic try to harness the power of these evil ghosts to attain their goals. There are people who have the power to take complete control of these ghosts and order them to do jobs on their command.

Nfumbe (Harnessed Ghosts)

While forcing the ghost is taking control over them forcefully, harnessing is taking control with their concern. To harness a ghost, people need to conduct a lot of rituals and offer all the things that these ghosts may like and engage with them constantly. Once you reach an agreement, you can try harnessing the power of these ghosts.

Mpungo (Angels or Holy Spirits)

Mpungo is considered to be the greater spirits of the Palo Mayombe religion and are believed to be the mightier and powerful spirits. They are the spirits that guard and watch us over from above.

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11 Higher Spirits You Need To Know In Palo Mayombe


Zarabanda is considered to the messenger to the underworld, and through him it is believed that Paleros can communicate with the dead.

The Caldron comprises all the elements essential for the soul of Zarabanda to wander around the planet.

The Religious caldron is really a microscopic planet and a door to another world.

Zarabanda is also considered to be the God of Iron, God of War and God of roads. Since he is the almighty of iron, every kind of bloodshed is associated with him in one way or the other.

El Christo Negro

He is considered in Palo Maybome as the black Christ crucified and all spirits are believed to bow to him. He is represented by crows and black roosters.

Los Espiritus Intranquilos

Also called as the Seven Tranquil Spirits, Los Espiritus Intranquilos are used in most of the Palo Mayombe rituals, witchcraft and spells.

It is also considered to be an entity that represents or encompasses all souls that wander the earth restlessly without peace.

Paleros who obtain the spirit of Los Espiritus Intranquilos are able to perform all kind of black magic and even communicate with powerful spirits.

La Santisimia Muerte

Considered as the God of Death and is mainly used by spiritualists in Mexico to attain their goals in black magic.

Santisima Muerte is also considered to be a spirit associated with healing and protection. She also assists in the safe passage of the dead to the afterlife.

San Simon

San Simon is an incredibly powerful spiritual force in Palo Mayombe.  He is also seen as the God of Law and Justice.

Paleros initiated to the mysteries of San Simon are believed to get the knowledge about Law and Justice from San Simon.

According to the Palo Monte belief, every ritual conducted to either to avenge someone or to achieve something, San Simon is seen as the force to grant it.

Initiation to San Simon also seems to make the person initiated to become invisible from the eyes of the law.

El Cristo Rey

If there is someone who can be called the Lord of the World, it is El Cristo Rey. He is considered to be the direct link or the bridge between the humans and the almighty. 

He is also believed to be the one associated with all kind of healing, fertility and harvest spells. People affected by witchcraft spells and magic turn towards El Cristo Rey to reverse it. 

He is believed to give Paleros and Paleras the required healing powers. It is believed that he can even cure terminally ill patients and make them return to normal health.

Madre De Luna

Madre De Luna is another divine spirit of the Palo Mayombe religion and also believed to be Moon’s mother as well as the witches wandering in the nights.

Initiation to Madre De Luna only happens on a full-moon day, and people who get initiated will get a divine knife that is believed to possess the power of Madre De Luna.

Madre De Agua

Madre De Agua is believed to be of the most powerful spirits in the Palo Mayombe religion.

She is considered to be the God of Love and getting her blessings will help people to connect with any person they love easily.

She is also seen as the Goddess of the Sea and hence Paleros offer items related to sea during their rituals to Madre De Agua. She is believed to be the caretaker of Motherhood and hence takes care of all mothers and daughters.

La Santisima Piedra Iman

Another powerful spirit in Palo is La Santisima Piedra Iman. Mostly the spirit is used for producing white and black magic spells. Paleros also make use of this spirits power  to generate money and wealth.

Francisco De Los Siete Rayos

Francisco De Los Siete Rayos is the God of lightning , fire and thunder. He is believed to be the one dealing with male sexual desires and a very charming spirit.

Siete Rayos is the spirit known to give instant justice, and all his rituals are conducted in the woods only. And most of his rituals will contain red wine and bananas.

Mama Chola

Mama Chola is believed to the spirit associated with fertility and love. She is also considered to be very powerful and a dangerous witch as well.

She is believed to rule the rivers and the guardian of beauty and wealth. All offerings made to Mama Chola need to be done by the riverside.

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The Palo Mayombe Initiation 

People who want to get associated with Palo Monte (Palo Mayombe) or become their followers need to be initiated. Once a person is initiated, then the person becomes part of the religion.

Initiation is conducted through a ceremony called “Rayamiento” and during the ritual. Once a person gets initiated, the next step for him to become a father who achieves the power to initiate others.

If you are interested in getting yourself initiated then chat with us and get started. Click on the button at the left bottom of this website to chat with us.

Palo Monte Nganga

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions on

Will the spirits accept my self-initiation?

Yes, the spirits will accept your initiation and the reason for this is quite shocking to most people.

In the past, people who wanted to get initiated have searched for the ingredients by themselves and have initiated themselves without priests.

Time has passed, and people began to establish a hierarchy within the Palo Mayombe community. Nowadays people are told someone can only get initiated by already initiated priest who charges between $7,000 to up to $25,000.

Fortunately, we will reveal everything you need to know to initiate yourself without spending these huge amounts.

What requirements do I need to have?

We will give you a list of ingredients that you need to collect or buy, and you need to follow simple step-by-step instructions. If you can do that, then you are the right person for this Self-Initiation.

How do I know that it’s working?

Don’t worry; we have been in the same spot as you are right now and so, we understand that you want to get a sign that the Self-Initiation has worked.

Therefore, we also explain a ritual that lets you communicate with your Ancestors once you have completed the initiation. Your Ancestors will then guide you and reveal their secrets to you.

What guarantee can you give me?

We guarantee you that you will get exact instructions on what you need to do for 14 days to self-initiate yourself and how you can communicate with the spirits during the Palo Mayombe Misa (Spirit Communication Ritual).

Why should I initiate myself?

In the ancient times of the African Congo, someone must go into the woods alone to find the necessary ingredients to create the spiritual cauldron.

As time has passed a hierarchy has been established to keep control and order of the Palo community.

We believe Initiations should not cost $7000 to $25,000 – at the end what we clearly do not want is to send people away from Palo Mayombe when they really want to get initiated and follow the traditions.

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6 Topics Initiated Priests Do Not Talk About

Origin Of Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe originated in Africa – Congo which is known as the world’s strongest and terrifying type of dark arts. Palo Mayombe is also called Palo Monte or La Reglas De Congo.

Santeria has an evil side known as Palo Mayombe. Those who work with the forces of this dark side are classified as Paleros. In 1500 these dark arts came to the Caribbean through the Spanish slave trades.

Palo Monte’s impact  can be seen in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. In Brazil, Palo Mayombe is called Quimbanda which is a combination of conventional Congo, originating in South American and India.

Often Santeria and Palo Mayombe are seen as the same, but they are very different.

In Santeria practitioners use light powers and in Palo Mayombe practitioners use the dark powers to attain their objectives and cast spells.

The Misconception About Palo Mayombe

Initiates have access to very strong and dark powers which can be used for good and evil.

Practitioners of Santeria like to differentiate themselves from Palo Mayombe as Palo Mayombe is known to be much darker. However, Palo Mayombe is not about doing evil or bringing death to others.

Palo Monte is about tradition, believing in the all-powerful spirits that work with an Initiates and manifest greatness in their lives. Of course, Palo Monte spells and rituals can be used to cause harm.

A lighter can start a fire that burns down a house or light up a fireplace that keeps you warm. You influence Palo Monte with your actions, and you decide if it is good or evil.

It can always be used for good and evil, but that does not make Palo Monte an evil tradition.

In Palo Mayombe exist unique regulations and rules. Regulations and rules will vary based on the Palo Monte home someone is part of.

Palo Monte Mayombe

Get Initiated In The Right Way

It is recommended to get initiated through where you will be in the right hands and get the perfect guidance.

Most Paleros take advantage of the traditions and sell the secrets for $10,000 to $50,000, and this is clearly against our beliefs.

We will never charge these amounts since we do not want to send people away from Palo Monte. We have set a fair price that covers our costs and is worth the secrets of Palo Monte.

It is important to allow more people to join Palo Mayombe and take advantage of its beauty and greatness. Palo Mayombe came up as another side of Santeria.

There are entirely different teachings in each Palo Mayombe house. It really is hard to locate an honest practitioner in distant villages throughout South America and the USA.

There are numerous famous Palo Mayombe priests in addition to societies committed to Palo Mayombe.

Many Palo Mayombe priests do not publicly sell their power and will offer their powerful services for a person by recommendation.

Palo Mayombe Has Always Been Used Secretly

The strength of a Palo Mayombe priest is very powerful and is capable of destroying someone’s life or protecting it.

Many government officials, actors, musicians, and business CEOs have links to Palo Mayombe to secure themselves success and power.

It is actually believed that an Initiate can also kill someone within hours to days.

Palo Mayombe practitioners leverage the powers of incantations and powerful rituals to manifest good or evil within rapid speed. Ignorance and misunderstandings let many people fear Palo Mayombe.

Palo Monte Mayombe is the very powerful and thrilling side of the Santeria religion, and it also should definitely not be underestimated or taken as anything else than the most powerful art of dark magic.

Reglas De Congo

Palo Mayombe Is Not For Everyone

However, Palo Mayombe is not for everyone as it is only for those that are serious, have respect for the spirits, and are ready to worship the tradition itself, the spirits, and themselves.

I am blessed and honoured to be part of the ancient art that can solve problems and heal people. Palo Mayombe is not only about death, but it is also about life and manifesting greatness.

With excellent respect I salute my ancestors. The Palo Mayombe spirits are residing in the house of the Muertos. Traditionally a Palo Mayombe Initiate can keep his spirits inside a unique house outdoors.

This special residence must all time be closed and locked to make sure no intruders and outsiders can enter it. The home should have space so you can cast your rituals or Misa, the spirit communication ritual in Palo Mayombe.

Where Do You Keep Your Nganga?

Someone should not have the spirits near the living place. The basement of a house is a great place for spell and rituals with the Palo spirits.

When you receive other Palo Mayombe spirits, they can keep together. Make sure there is almost no light but let one candle burn in respect of the Palo Monte spirits all the time.

Before you can become part of Palo Monte Mayombe, you need to first seek an experienced Palo Priest like those at

Palo Mayombe Initiations are not difficult when someone gets the right guidance and the right knowledge. That’s the reason why take care of you and teaches you the secrets of initiation.

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Now is the time to take action

Initiate Yourself Into Palo Mayombe

If an individual tries to get initiated into Palo Mayombe the spirits usually reject it due to the fact that Palo Mayombe holds unto its traditions.

That’s why you will learn the traditional way of self-initiation that most priests do not know about or do not want to share with the public.

Before you can get initiated you need to prepare your body, mind, and soul and we will teach you everything about this process as well to make it as easy as possible.

And your next step would be to receive your Nganga the spiritual prenda – cauldron.

Right after the conjuration ritual, the Nganga holds the powers of the Palo Mayombe spirits. In the USA and Cuba Carribeans we call this spiritual cauldron the Nganga-Prenda.

The spirits of the Dead are called Muertos, and they live in of a big clay pot. Reach out to our customer care to get the best support and get started with your initiation into Palo Mayombe.

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